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Map of Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Public Transit     Bus Schedules     Brownsville-Republic-Uniontown Daily Bus Schedule
FACT Bus Schedules
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Brownsville - Republic - Uniontown Schedule
Monday-Friday Service

Effective January 3, 2022

FACT Fare Schedule

Location Depart Depart Depart Depart
Market Street 8:00AM 10:25AM 1:30PM 4:00PM
Union Station 8:02AM 10:27AM 1:32PM 4:02PM
Iron Bridge Apartments 8:03AM 10:28AM 1:33PM 4:03PM
South Hills Terrace 8:05AM 10:30AM 1:35PM 4:05PM
Fayette Avenue 8:07AM 10:32AM 1:37PM 4:07PM
Third Street 8:08AM 10:33AM 1:39PM 4:09PM
Crawford 8:09AM 10:34AM 1:40PM 4:10PM
Fourth Street 8:10AM 10:35AM 1:41PM 4:11PM
Hiller Avenue 8:11AM 10:36AM 1:42PM 4:12PM
High Street 8:12AM 10:37AM 1:43PM 4:13PM
Brashear Avenue 8:13AM 10:38AM 1:44PM 4:14PM
Greene Street 8:14AM 10:39AM 1:45PM 4:15PM
Woodward Ave 8:15AM 10:40AM 1:46PM 4:16PM
High Street 8:16AM 10:41AM 1:47PM 4:17PM
Water Street 8:18AM 10:43AM 1:49PM 4:19PM
16th Street 8:20AM 10:45AM 1:52PM 4:22PM
Sheridan Avenue 8:21AM 10:46AM 1:53PM 4:23PM
Washington Street 8:22AM 10:47AM 1:54PM 4:24PM
Second Street 8:23AM 10:48AM 1:55PM 4:25PM
Market Street Stage 8:25AM 10:50AM 2:00PM 4:30PM
Location Depart Depart Depart Depart
Market Street 8:25AM 10:50AM 2:00PM 4:30PM
Spring Street   10:52AM 2:02PM 4:32PM
Fifth Avenue   10:54AM 2:04PM 4:34PM
Rt 40 West   10:56AM 2:06PM 4:36PM
Brownsville Walmart   11:00AM 2:10PM 4:40PM
Broadway Street 8:30AM 11:05AM 2:15PM 4:45PM
ContactUS / Subway 8:34AM 11:10AM 2:20PM 4:50PM
Dollar General 8:34AM 11:10AM 2:20PM 4:50PM
Riverside Market 8:39AM 11:14AM 2:24PM 4:54PM
Village of Searights 8:42AM 11:17AM 2:27PM 4:56PM
Allison 8:44AM 11:19AM 2:29PM 4:59PM
Republic 8:47AM 11:22AM 2:32PM 5:02PM
Cardale 8:49AM 11:24AM 2:34PM 5:04PM
Fairbank 8:51AM 11:26AM 2:36PM 5:06PM
Buffington 8:54AM 11:29AM 2:39PM 5:09PM
New Salem 8:55AM 11:30AM 2:40PM 5:10PM
TRANSFER CENTER 9:15AM 11:40AM 2:50PM 5:20PM
Location Depart Depart Depart Depart
UNIONTOWN HUB 9:30AM 12:00PM 3:00PM 5:30PM
West Main St.     3:04PM 5:34PM
Uniontown Mall       5:36PM
Uniontown Walmart     3:08PM 5:45PM
New Salem 9:50AM 12:40PM 3:20PM 5:55PM
Buffington 9:51AM 12:41PM 3:21PM 5:56PM
Fairbank 9:53AM 12:44PM 3:24PM 5:59PM
Cardale 9:55AM 12:45PM 3:26PM 6:00PM
Republic 9:57AM 12:47PM 3:28PM 6:02PM
Allison 10:00AM 12:50PM 3:30PM 6:05PM
Hunters Ridge 10:05AM 12:55PM 3:35PM 6:10PM
Riverside Market 10:10AM 1:00PM 3:40PM 6:15PM
ContactUS / Subway 10:12AM 1:03PM 3:42PM 6:17PM
Dollar General 10:13AM 1:05PM 3:43PM 6:18PM
Rt 40 West 10:14AM 1:06PM 3:44PM 6:20PM
Fifth Ave / Spring St 10:18AM 1:10PM 3:48PM 6:22PM
Brownsville Walmart   1:15PM 3:55PM 6:25PM
Market Street 10:20AM 1:30PM 4:00PM 6:30PM
Effective 1/3/2022