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Public Transit     ADA Transportation     No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy
No-Show/Late Cancellation Policy
Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation's (FACT) has developed this no-show policy to ensure the agency provides efficient paratransit/shared-ride services to its riders.  No-show includes late cancellations.  FACT records no-shows for all of its customers.  A suspension of service may result in the event of "pattern or practice" of a rider missing scheduled trips.  Sanctions will not be imposed on no-shows beyond a rider's control.

A no-show is defined as:
  • any time a driver goes to pick-up a rider and the customer decides not to use the service
  • any time a rider is not ready or fails to show up for the service within five minutes of the vehicle's arrival within the 30-minute pick-up window
  • late cancellation - any time a customer has not called in to cancel his/her trip at least one (1) hour before the scheduled pick-up time
Following are examples of extenuating circumstances in which FACT will not consider a trip a no-show:
  • reasons not under the control of the customer
  • operator error such as late pick-up or departing without waiting five minutes
  • FACT administrative error such as scheduling error or wrong pick-up location
  • lateness of FACT vehicle
  • medical emergency
  • family emergency
  • accidents
  • Customers must contact FACT to cancel any trips they do not intend on taking.
  • Customers must contact FACT at least one (1) hour before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • A no-show does not automatically cancel subsequent trip(s).
  • It is the rider's responsibility to cancel all scheduled trip(s).
Customers should contact FACT at 724-628-7433, if a no-show was beyond their control.


Pattern or practice of no-shows (including late cancellations) may result in a suspension of service.  Before suspending service, FACT will notify the customer in writing.  The notification will indicate the basis of the suspension and the specific sanction.  The first violation will result in a verbal warning; the second violation a written warning; and, three or more violations may result in suspension of service for 5 days.

Pattern or practice will be determined by three or more no-shows in a given month that exceed 15% for 1 to 59 monthly scheduled trips and 20% for 60 or more monthly trips.  Examples:

  • A rider who takes 15 trips a month and has 7 no-show trips would be in violation of FACT's no-show policy because the customer had at least 3 no-show trips and the number of no-show trips exceeded 15%.
  • If a customer takes three trips a month and has one no-show trip, the rider would not be in violation of the policy because he/she did not meet the minimum number of no-show trips.
No-shows/violations will be tracked on a rolling 12-month period.  The chart below summarizes the violation process:

Violation Action Customer Notification
1st Violation Verbal Warning Telephone
2nd Violation Written Warning Letter
3 or More
Could lead to suspension
of service for 5 days

Before any suspension of service due to no-shows, FACT will notify the rider in writing, citing specifically the following:

  • full reason for the proposed suspension
  • exact no-show dates, times, pick-up locations and destinations which the proposed suspension is based on
  • the length of the suspension (beginning and ending dates)
  • date customer can use paratransit service again
  • appeal process

Customers can appeal FACT's suspension by notifying FACT within four (4) calendar days from when the suspension was scheduled to begin.  Appeals can be made in writing, telephone or in person to FACT's Director, Lori Groover-Smith.  Contact information:

Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation
825 Airport Road
Lemont Furnace, PA 15456
Phone: 724-628-7433
Email: lgsmith@hs.fayette.org

Customers will need to identify the reason for the appeal and provide any supporting documentation.  FACT will respond in writing within ten (10) calendar days.  The customer can continue to use the service while the suspension is under appeal unless there is a safety or security issue.

All materials are available in accessible format and in languages other than English upon request.